newWeaver Lake 2015
Back to our favorite sliver of wilderness in between the Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Parks.
Joshua Tree 2015
8 miles of desert backpacking in February 2015.
Joshua Tree Night Trek 2014
Night time start for a 6 miler in Joshua Tree.
Big Pine Lakes 2014
Fast 2 day trip to camp and fish... 12 mile round trip camping between Big Pine lake 1 and lake 2.
Long Lake 2014
4 friends fishing and backpacking in the Eastern Sierras along the South Lake to Bishop Pass trail. 114 trout caught, 3 eaten, the rest released for us to catch again next time!
Weaver Lake 2014
Caught & released 24 trout... 2 were caught on nothing more than a water bottle, line, bait and hook!
Everest Base Camp Trek 2014
Hiking almost 100 miles in the Himalayas along the Everest Base Camp Trail. Epic scenery!
Joshua Tree 2013
10 miles of desert hiking and backpacking. A high pressure system moved though and the weather included wind gusts of over 60 mph! Shot on a Droid Razr Maxx.
Big Pine Lakes 2013
Eastern Sierras backpacking... 3 friends, 20 miles, 6 lakes, 25 trout caught & released. Shot on a Droid and an iPhone.
Long Lake 2013
South Lake to Dusy Basin. 4 days covering 24 miles in the high sierras. We caught and released 44 trout. Video was shot on a Droid Razr Maxx and an iPhone 5.
Matlock Lake 2013
Here's a quick weekend trip up the Kearsarge Pass trail. Camped at Matlock Lake and fished Flower & Gilbert lakes.
Joshua Tree 2013
We did a 6 mile 2 day trip into the desert of Joshua Tree. The 2nd day we hiked out and drove to Big Bear for some 4 wheel, fishing fun!
Willett Hot Springs
3 days, 22 miles, 1 hot tub located 10 miles into the wilderness.
Hoover Wilderness
19 miles, 3 days, 30 trout, on this trip to summit lake.
San Gorgonio 2012
22 miles, 3 days, 2 trout, 1 summit and a torn up ankle. Shot on a GoPro Hero (video) and Droid X (audio).
Death Valley 2012
4 days of fun in the sun... 18 miles of four wheeling down Cottonwood Canyon to get to the trailhead. Then 5 miles of canyon hiking with water flowing!
Virginia Lakes 2011
13 miles of high sierra hiking. Crossing the 11,200' Virginia Pass and catching the biggest, fiestiest trout ever!
Long Lake 2011
9 miles of fishing, hiking, skeeters, thunder and lightning. Stuck in the tent for hours until storms pass.
San Jacinto 2011
Backpacking to Skunk Cabbage Meadow in the San Jacinto Wilderness. 12 miles of alpine hiking above Palm Springs, CA.
Joshua Tree 2011
Once again a visit to our favorite rock mound in the middle of the desert. This trip was in late spring and temps were rising!
Anza Borrego 2011
Anza Borrego Desert backpacking. This is the largest state park in California. 3 days of exploring in March 2011.
Cottonwood Lakes 2010
An abbreviated trip to a series of 5 lakes at 11,000' in September 2010.
Long Lake 2010 Amazing trip to the South Lake to Bishop Lake trail. Discovered an "unnamed" lake full of trout... we left a few for next time.
Weaver Lake 2010 Our third trip to the region. Jennie Lakes Wilderness is a remote strip of forest in the King's Canyon area.

Various Wilderness Treks  

Joshua Tree 2010 Springtime in the desert 2010 style. This was our third trip to this mound of rocks we called home.
Fishbowls 2009 Another trip to the Sespe Wilderness to visit the fishbowls. No fish this time! But we brought along another friend to enjoy the woods.
Long Lake 2009 August 2009, we trekked back to our new favorite spot in the Sierra's. On this adventure we managed to catch (and release) 35 beautiful trout. We left a few for the next trip!
Appalachian Trail July 2009, AT (near Delaware Water Gap). This was a 15 miler with my buddy Dave. Lots of storms and bears.
Joshua Tree 2009 Back to springtime in the desert. This was our second trip to this mound of rocks we called home.
San Gorgonio Wilderness Close to Los Angeles, this trophy hike reaches the highest peak in So. Cal. at 11,500'. This video was from a trip on the first day of fall 2008.
Seville Lake Deep in the Kings Canyon/Sequoia Forest,
lies a magical place far from the beaten path.
Bishop Pass 2008 Another great trip into the Eastern Sierra's.
Walk Far... Catch Fish... Have Fun!
Fishbowls 2008 Rain, wind, sleet, snow and temps reaching 40 degrees greeted us for a great memorial day weekend.
McGill Trail Snowshoeing a local trail in the Los Padres Forest near Mt. Pinos.
Long Lake One month after visiting Chocolate Lake, we went back for more. This time the destination was Long Lake. The camp site was beautiful.
Chocolate Lakes Take the South Lake to Bishop Lake trail and make a left at Chocolate Peak. No water falls, but plenty of "milk" falls...
Big Pine Lakes 2007 Our second trip to this high altitude water playground. At 10,000' - 12,000' there are 9 lakes... most containing an abundance of trout.   We left a few for next time.
Big Pine Lakes 2006 Backpacking and fishing at high camp lakes. We visited the old vacation home of Lon Chaney.
Weaver Lake The Jennie Lakes Wilderness in the Sequoia National Forest was the destination for this late spring 4 day trip.  The highlight was a cross-country scramble to discover a hidden lake...
Kelly's Camp My favorite high camp in the cucamonga wilderness. Although water sources are scarce... creativity will aid in the survival of a beautiful 3 day weekend getaway.
Joshua Tree 2008 Three friends out in the desert exploring.
Joshua Tree 2007 Solo backpacking under a total lunar eclipse.
Fishbowls 2005 A great trip to a local wilderness area. From June, 2005.
Fishbowls 2004 Nestled in the heart of the Sespe Condor Sanctuary, this backpacking location is a diverse section of the Los Padres Forest. This video was shot in May, 2004.
Kearsarge Pass 2003 This is one of the best trout fishing areas in California!  5 lakes at 10,000 to 12,000 feet filled naturally with brook trout. We caught over 50 on this trek.
Kearsarge Pass 2005 Another great trip to one of my favorite lakes. On this trip, we caught over 60 brookies.
Kern River A trip to the Kern River area,  specifically "Jerkey Meadow."
Mosquito Lake Various footage from the Mineral King area in the Sequoia National Forest. Fishing and bouldering were the activities of choice.
Piute Pass Sierra hiking at its best. This was a 4 day trip to fish all seven lakes up to the pass at 12,000 feet.
Cucamonga A local wilderness nearby the Los Angeles area, this area is a great hike for large elevation gain (5,000' or more). 
Joshua Tree Desert hiking in the winter. This was a solo 4 day trip to view meteors and explore the transition zone between the Mohave and Colorado deserts.
Cottonwood Lakes High Sierra Hiking! 20 miles, 3 days, to the Army Pass near Mt. Langley at 12,500 feet. Great fishing for "golden trout".
Bears & Cars This is what happens when you don't "bear proof" your car.
My Night On Strawberry Peak This 6164' precipice peak is the closest "mountain" to Los Angeles. On October 15, 2005 I spent the night taping the first winter storm as it moved in. Temps dropped to the mid thirties, the wind howled, then came rain, sleet, hail and snow. It was a beautiful night. There's no such thing as bad weather.. just inappropriate clothing.
Black Rock Canyon
Joshua Tree
More desert exploring. On this solo, 3 day trip, I visited the northwest corner of the park. It's the highest elevation of the 2 deserts. This adventure covered altitudes ranging from 4000' to 5500'.
Manzana / Sisquoc Outside of Santa Barbara, California is the San Rafael Wilderness. The trail crosses the manzana creek over 40 times in 12 miles (round trip) with depths of up to 4 feet.
Santa Rosa Island As the second largest of the 8 channel islands, Santa Rosa is also the second windiest place in California. On this 4 day trip to explore the island, winds reached gusts of over 60 mph.
Paradise Valley This is a spot in Kings Canyon National Park. The site is the start of the popular 45 mile Rae Lakes loop. We did about the first 10 miles on this trip in the summer of 2006.
Winterpark No backpacking... just lots of fun back in 2003.

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